Why Therapy?

It has been said that our deepest wounding happens in relationships, and our greatest opportunity for healing also occurs in the context of a relationship. The therapeutic alliance is unique because it is a connection where profound thoughts, experiences and beliefs are free to be expressed, without fear they will be judged, or dismissed, or lead to rejection and a severing of the relationship.

Carl Rogers, the father of Humanistic Psychology, proposed that there are three elements essential to a therapeutic alliance: empathy, authenticity, and respect. Since research has repeatedly shown that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is the strongest predictor of positive outcome in therapy (stronger than, for example, modality of therapy used or even severity of the presenting issue), finding a therapist who is the right 'fit' for you is essential.

The Process of Therapy

During the initial few sessions, therapy is about building a relationship, gathering information, and exploring whether working together will be a good fit. I will be assessing you and the issues that brought you into therapy, and describing how I see our work together proceeding in a way that would be beneficial to you. The purpose of assessment is not to diagnose or pathologize, but to understand the unique mix of who you are, the past and present life events that have helped shape you, and the factors in your world that either help or hinder your efforts to live a full life.

You will also be assessing me; deciding whether you feel comfortable, heard, respected and understood, and determining whether the work we are starting to do together seems likely to give you the results you're seeking. Therapy can be short-term, focused on resolving a specific issue or question in your life, or a more open-ended process, focused on increasing self-awareness and personal growth.

First Steps

If you would like to discuss how therapy could be helpful to you, send me an email to arrange a free phone consultation. The phone consult is not intended as therapy but rather as an opportunity to answer any questions you may have about counselling, and begin to explore whether working together is a good fit.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.

- Martin Luther King



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