Individual counselling is solution-focused and client-centered. That means you are invited to not only speak to what's 'wrong' or problematic in your life, but also what's right; your strengths, talents and resiliencies, as well as the resources in yourself, in your support network, and in your environment. We talk about where and who you've been, but primarily focus on where you want to go and what will help you get there. Sessions can be either 50 or 80 minutes in duration, and appointments are available evenings and weekends as well as weekdays.


E-counselling (via video or by phone) is also available for clients who do not live in the area or experience other barriers to attending in-office counselling.


Therapist and author Harriet Lerner wrote: "Intimate relationships cannot substitute for a life plan. But to have any meaning or viability at all, a life plan must include intimate relationships."

Whether we view the things we struggle with in ourselves as a cause or a result of the distress in our relationships, feeling disconnected in our intimate relationships can have a powerful impact on every other aspect of our lives. Couple or family counselling offers a place to take another look at our closest relationships, and move towards greater clarity, mutual understanding, and connection.

If you would like to explore how therapy may help you, send me an email for more information, or use the scheduler to arrange a free phone consultation.


My fee for counselling is $150.00 per 50-minute session.

Extended (80-minute) sessions are available for $200.00 per session.

GST has already been included in all fees and a $10.00 Student Discount is available on all regular counselling fees.


Sessions cancelled without 24 hours notice are subject to a late cancellation fee of $60.00. Similarly, if I need to cancel a session we have scheduled without giving you 24 hours notice, a $60.00 rebate will be credited to your account.


One day the need for change bulldozed a road down the middle of my mind.

- Maya Angelou



Use the ONLINE SCHEDULER to view and book upcoming session times.